November 29, 2020

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How to talk on the phone even if there is no network

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How to talk on the phone even if there is no network

How to talk on the phone even if there is no network

Network problems are a daily occurrence for mobile phone users. This often leads to embarrassment. Now if there is no network with the help of a special type of app, there is an opportunity to talk.

To avoid the complexity of this network, a special type of app has been created by a satellite service provider called ‘Thuraya’. You need to connect an adapter with your mobile phone to use the app. It is also called the alternative way of mobile network.

This method will not use the mobile network or the network of the mobile service operator. Their adapter and app will convert the Android phone into a satellite phone.

Citing Thuraya authorities, the influential Middle East media Gulf News reported that the Thuraya adapter must first be connected to a mobile phone. Then you have to install Satsleeve app on mobile. Satellite mode will be on after connecting the adapter to the mobile phone. Then with the Satsleeve app you will get all the benefits like making calls on mobile and using internet.

However, this adapter and app of Thuraya is not open to everyone yet. IPhone and Android smartphone users of certain organizations can use it.

In the meantime, Thuara is providing this facility in 161 countries. The Satslive application can be easily downloaded by visiting the Google Play Store. The technology is being sold in the United Arab Emirates in Bangladeshi currency for around Tk 6,000.

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